The Crew

You'll never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy...


David Frishkorn (Host)

The self-proclaimed "Host from the Outpost", David, has been a longtime fan of Star Wars, comedy, gaming, podcasts, and viral videos. He is the creator, and founder of The Cocky Cockpit. He always wanted an MTV's Jackass meets Star Wars channel, so he decided to make it himself. 


Cole egbert (Co-host)

Cole has been a fan of Star Wars and science fiction all his life. When he's not in the cockpit, he can be found doing some kind of tabletop gaming, playing Dark Souls for hours on end, or watching every episode of Rick and Morty in a single day. 


rob branscome (co-host)

Rob is a very busy smuggler who enjoys legends from many cultures. His favorites are Star Wars, Legend of Zelda, Yeezy, and The Good Music Company. So its pretty difficult to find where Rob is...even in the cockpit.


ken hall (Contrubutor)

A life long Star Wars enthusiast, Ken is happily married with 2 children. One of Ken's greatest joys in life is to be able to share his love for Star Wars with his son,  Liam. Ken is also a Pittsburgh Pirates fan and quite knowledgeable in Video Games, Pokemon, and WWE.


Nicole Cugini (editor)

The loyal and patient wife of David, Nicole enjoys music, concerts, and movies... with an occasional glass of wine. She is very passionate about writing and is thrilled to be a part of The Cocky Cockpit editing team.


olivia foss (Graphic designer)

Stationed on a Star Destroyer not far from here, Olivia is a professional graphic designer and illustrator. She is fueled by Star Wars. When not sketching Imperial shenanigans, she can be found watching cheesy action movies, lifting weights, and painting miniatures.