Keep your head in the cockpit... 

Cocky, Comedy, Star Wars! Star Wars isn't just for kids and families,  its for sad adults like us who try to recapture their childhoods. The Cocky Cockpit is made up of a group of comedians from just north of Pittsburgh, PA. Founded in February of 2016 , The Cocky Cockpit continues to grow, thanks to our audience, the "Scum and Villainy", who support our Star Wars mature-themed comedy videos. 

Podcasts. YouTube Videos. Live streams. If Star Wars is Cartoon Network, The Cocky Cockpit is Adult Swim!

If you love shooting the shit about anything Star Wars then check out "The Cocky Cockpit Podcast". Its a Star Wars comedy discussion podcast where each week we discuss a new topic that is as random as a blaster, but intended for a more civilized age.

If you love actual-play sessions of roleplaying games, then check out "Cock'd Dice"! We play FFG's Roleplaying Game, Star Wars: Edge of the Empire. The cast takes on the role of the scum & villainy of the galaxy and are rewarded for making the Game Master laugh. 

Love learning fun facts about Star Wars? Then you'll love "5 Things You Didn't Know About... Star Wars"! Learn 5 interesting facts about a random topic as we blast away with the jokes! 

Everyone loves unboxing awesome stuff! But our unboxing videos are of those products that make you say, "WTF?! They put a Star Wars brand on that?" in a show we call "Outerrim Unboxing"

We too love to game! From video games to tabletop, but when we game its with more than bragging rights on the line on "Bounty Hunt Gaming".

What is YouTube nowadays without a Vlog?! Well, you can get to see your hosts from The Cocky Cockpit in a behind-the-scenes look of their daily Star Wars experiences in "Life in the Cockpit".